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The key things to decide are colour, design, texture, function, construction and of course cost. The type of carpet you require will depend on the area to be carpeted - will it have a lot of traffic, will children and pets be using the space, will it be near a main doorway or subject to direct sunlight? Visit our showroom in Torrington to see our enormous selection of colours and patterns - we've got something to suit every budget for both home and business. We can provide you with a range of sample to 'try before you buy' in order to make sure that you make the perfect choice.
Think about any dominant colours and textures in your room, such as a patterned suite or a colourful rug. It is also worth considering how do you plan to decorate in the future - stay safe by choosing soft neutrals and paler shades as they will work alongside numerous colour schemes and create an airy and spacious feel. If you've got a clear idea about your decor, then don't be afraid to choose a statement colour carpet to really add an impact! You can add warmth with a rich cinnamon or depth with a soft aubergine tone.
The vast majority of carpets sold in the UK are plain. Because of their popularity, these carpets come in a huge range of qualities from cheap and cheerful stain resistant naturals to heavy luxury wool twists. The last year or two has seen a rise in the popularity of tweed and heather effects where the pile is made up of more than one yarn colour; this gives a subtle muted effect.
Pile reversal, also known as shading is the effect that light gives to velour or velvet carpet, making it appear lighter or darker in colour depending on surroundings. It is an optical effect brought about by localised changes in the direction of pile lay and made visible by the way light is reflected off the carpet surface. It is caused by traffic patterns or unevenness in the floor, but is NOT a carpet defect. Loop pile and many hard-twist carpets are not affected by this.
We highly recommend that you place barrier matting at all exterior doorways both inside and out in order to significantly reduce the rate at which your carpets will soil. The matting should be as large as possible to allow most dirt to be removed from shoe soles. It is import to clean and vacuum these mats regularly. Many newly installed carpets, particularly those with a cut or velour pile, tend to lose fibres during the first few weeks after fitting. This effect, called shedding or fluffing, is caused by the way the yarn is spun and the carpet is made. It is no reason for alarm, but a natural phenomenon, which will stop over time. The process can be aided by by vacuuming the carpet a little more gently within the first few weeks of fitting.
Most modern carpets prove difficult to wear out, however the standard of appearance retention is always better with heavier carpets. So when choosing a carpet, consider where the carpet will be, how much traffic it will receive and whether you're looking for a long term investment, or just something to last until you redecorate.
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S&G Carpets regularly provide domestic and commercial flooring across Devon and North Cornwall, including Bideford, Barnstaple, Torrington, South Molton and Bude. To view our range and discuss your options with a trained advisor, visit our showroom on in Torrington, or alternatively arrange a home or business visit by either calling us on 01805 623112 or completing our enquiry form. We’ll come to you free of charge to measure up and provide estimates, we’ll also bring samples with us for you to see how different colours will work alongside your decor and furniture.


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